TS14, ”Settle-to-Carlisle” route layout with some steam locos services.

TS14, Class 101 Diesel Multiple Unit Railmotor, various layouts.

TS14, ”Western Lines of Scotland” (Carlisle-Dumfries-Castle Douglas-Stranraer), with a Black-5 steam freight.

Early morning winter Scotland freight steam service…. TS14.

yea but I was quite disgusted by lack of sound effort on a few locomotives, the NS Heritage Unit pack had no bell, and the Class 92, wow, wrong horn, wrong fan, wrong anything. Why do they have to screw up the things I love xD

I completely agree. Some DLC contents are quite flawed in design and there is a complete failure in updating contents when needed. For example, the Northeast Corridor has some track bugs that make impossible to complete not only default sessions but also those included with DLC rolling stock & loco. I recently purchased the GG1 electrical powered loco and eventually the game was ruined by a flawed track design not fixed. 

Railworks DLC will turn you broke XD

In effect… Some DLC contents are quite despicable, but overall the quality and scope of the routes offered are remarkable.

TS14, ”Donner Pass” route layout with freight train.

TS14, the quite despicable route layout ”West Somerset” with a Class 33 diesel loco passenger service.

TS14, ”West Somerset Railway”, with diesel shunter.

TS14, ”West Somerset Railway”, with diesel shunter.

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